About SmaCE

By the People, For the People

Welcome to SmaCE – the short form for Smart Cities Education.

SmaCE is positioned to be an information source about Smart Cities. It comprises courses, free or paid, to create awareness, case-studies, and lessons learned to share and educate. It is through Awareness that informed and coherent actions can be instituted for the betterment of tomorrow – sustainability and growth.

We welcome you to be part of this ecosystem that sets to trigger, firing neurons through the frontal lobes, actions that will help one another to see the World as it is, in future and in generations. Looking at the past helps to learn what worked and what did not; looking to the present permeates us to reflect and act, and looking to the future activates our innovations to arrest the destruction of motherly Earth.

We will put in more information on how you can establish a course with us, how we can help you to shape your course, and sell (market) it if the intention as such.

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