Zhong Hua Secondary School: Environmental and Sustainability Education

Source: https://www.zhonghuasec.moe.edu.sg/programmes/zhss-signature-programmes/environmental-and-sustainability-education

Zhong Hua Secondary School, located at 13 Serangoon Avenue 3 Singapore 556123, is one of the schools in Singapore that put the Environment and Sustainability to educate Zhonghuarians on the importance of environmental conservation through a multi-disciplinary approach across academic subjects.

They work in tandem with external organisations to bring the message to the community through their creative ways, such as pamphlets, work created using Design Thinking methodology during the Design and Technology lessons.

We see great synergies in Smart Cities Education and Zhong Hua Secondary School objectives – that is to create awareness, as well as to see how individuals can help to see this Planet that is owned by all of us.

We will be reaching out to Zhong Hua Sec and update soon.

Dr. Mak Wai Keong

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