Article: The CoronaVirus may have helped the green movement


It is a wake-up call to dispel the myth that an office must be a physical space. Covid-19 has shown that we can still function (most of the time) without the brick-and-mortar space. Then people are traveling less (if not stopped) which helped in gasoline being burnt to bring the jumbo jets up in the sky.

In such a crisis situation, the shops are coming right to your doorstep with online shopping. If we engage in electric vans that go around to do the deliveries, that is even better for the environment. Pollution reduction saves lives – to about 20 times more can live? (not sure how the figure is derived though).

This is what I really like:

“Forward-looking governments will instead prioritize green industries while helping workers who lose their fossil-fuel jobs.”

Share with us what have you done to make it “greener”?

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