DIY Masks and Gowns

Apologies this may not be relevant but need urgent advice and connections to buy large quantity of hospital stuff to be used to fight coronavirus, by a charity. Including: safety glasses, disposable gowns, caps and masks, artificial ventilators, quick testing kits. Please text me privately if u can help. Thank you.

From a Whatsapp chat group

Just before this, I was making a “mask” from Tissue paper and 2 rubber bands.

Source: Dr. Mak Wai Keong

I have written in the same Whatsapp group about the Trace Together app.

Just a note. This is like a telephone or a fax machine. The first phone n fax machine have no value until there is a companion…the second telephone and fax. If the rest do not turn on Bluetooth (higher battery consumption rates), yr effort is wasted. So all this goes back to Mindset. The value in Covid-19 hopefully changes mindsets of people to think above the Self (social emotional learning).

I do not have resources nor contacts with them. What I suggest is to innovate.

Using tissue n 2 rubber bands, I made a “mask”. I can use longer elastic bands n replace the tissues or put a clean sheet in front to protect from other fluid coming through my mouth n nose.

For gowns, use those black trash bags…they are waterproof, so good to prevent any penetration. Just find a way to secure the cut-out bags to the body.

Activate the community to make them than to sit n wait…cos all countries are now concentrating on their own people first…they only sell if in excess, which can be low in priority.

Just my thinking. Better to be self-sufficient than to rely on others.

I think it is now easier to get longer rubber bands n trash bags than masks. Some time ppl just need to be aware n then they will action

just use trash bag and duct tapes – easier to get now

Dr. Mak Wai Keong

You can find many Youtube videos and articles on how to make the gowns and pants.

So, activate your community to make them, then to sit and wait for the excess items that will take time and “costs (marked up)” to come.

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