Concept: Integrative Learning and Life Design (from John Hopkins University)

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People in the past go with the flow. They take subjects whatever the fellow classmates take, or based on what their current subject combinations allow them to qualify entry into the subjects. I was not offered Biology in Victoria School because my English was not on-par. I was forced to take History, while the other 2 classes: S1 and S2 took Biology (to transit to be a doctor, you need the Biology subject). So my lifeline is already cut shot en route to being a medical doctor; I have to seek other avenues to be a Doctor – in education.

It is different now. Parents are grooming their children; the children as already equipped with the necessary information to map their path to attain their eventual careers.

When I was a lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Business and Accountancy (BA), the Year 3 students have an integrated problem-based focus curriculum where all 5 subjects are banded with a single “big” projects, as opposed to separate and disjointed ones previously. This “integrative” is not what is apparent now.

Integrative involves more than bringing subjects together as a project. Dr. Mak has developed that integrates personas into learning – by having role-play in different settings. is another approach to focus what is needed; not what it is good to have.

Life Design

Think of Life Design as your testing ground. Our staff will use life design tools and exercises to help you explore, experiment and develop experiences over the next four (or more!) years at Johns Hopkins to find your ideal post-graduate opportunities. You’ll brainstorm ideas, meet mentors, intern, research, volunteer, join clubs, and find out what excites you that builds on skills and passions you already know about. You’ll get curious, talk to people, try stuff, try more stuff (solve your way forward!), to find your own True North.


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All these are part of the Strategies adopted by the inaugural Smart Cities Education Consultancy Team (SmaceCT).

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