Digital Twins as a collorary to Learning Companion


As some of you might have known, I have put the problem of developing a Learning Companion to the Open Innovation Platform helmed by IMDA. The Learning Companion (LC) is like a digital twin of the learner. It knows the preferential way of learning for different modalities; it knows the existential biometric quotients of the learner that are conducive (or not) to learning. It knows what is known, and know what is to be known to the learner (aka the gap).

In reading the above-linked article, the role of the digital twin is a replica of the actual building (or self as it is called) can be extended to a learning model. Roberto Saracco, the author of the article, drew parallels of digital twins in industry 4.0 to that of an educational form to help bridge gaps of learning. He had promised to extrapolate on his article and I will source for it later.

Nevertheless, it is a very parallel analogy of what I am doing and I can fully appreciate and understand his intentions. I am looking at the Centre for Next Generation Logistics at NUS for potential collaboration on this as they are the experts in Digital Twins.

Dr. Mak Wai Keong

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