Event: ConnecTechAsia Call-for-Paper

Source: https://www.connectechasia.com/call-for-paper/

The annual event held in Singapore: ConnecTech Asia, BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia: EMPOWERING THE DIGITAL ECONOMY from 29 September to 1 October 2020 at the Singapore Expo, has open for

Though there are many cancellations and postponements of conferences and events lately, the future of this event is still uncertain. AIBotics 2020, originally in May 2020 has been rescheduled to 3-5 August 2020. It is understandable due to the current Covid-19 situation.

I had initiated to do a Horizon Report for three sectors of the education fraternities: K12 (Primary 1 to Pre-University), Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) and Lifelong Learning (Adult Learning – PEIs, training centers & institutes, etc.). This report will provide a snapshot of the current learning innovations that are used in these 3 categories for teaching and learning. My team were apprehensive of the scope and needed more time to prepare, and then the Covid-19 overwhelmed the World; we will extend the idea for future endeavor.

Nevertheless, please support the ConnecTechASia 2020 call for paper. I have submitted a synopsis on “Smart Cities Education -Education 5.0” and hope they will allow me to speak there. Hope to meet you there too.

Dr. Mak Wai Keong

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