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When I was reading the page at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award recipient for Mr. Oliver Tian, I was flabbergasted at his achievements.

I have met Oliver at NTU when Mr. Tay Kok Chin asked me to tag along to meet the folks from NTU Enterpreunrship Centre. Almost on the same day, Oliver invited me to give a talk at the AIBotics 2020 (to be held on 3-5 August 2020 [after a reschedule]).

Oliver is the Founder of Oliver Tian Associates and the Honorary Advisor to APARA. Having over 28 years of corporate and entrepreneurial career to his accolades, he is also the immediate-past president of the Singapore Industrial Automation Associate (SIAA). He sits on many advisory panels in NUS and community groups, including the Alumni Advisory Board to the president of NUS.

He has also founded HutCabb Service with the mission “Helping U To Create A Better Business.”

There is one principle Oliver holds dearly to:

We should always dream of tomorrow, and try to achieve it today.

Oliver Tian

This encompasses three steps – not to be burdened by the limitations of today, the need to explore technology and to have reality checks to stay grounded.

For example, his use of “sandbox” to enable the younger generation – Gen-Y – to have an expression test-bed to develop projects with their passion, and hence the birth of MIPS – a telerehabilitation tool for home therapy with continuous monitoring for post-stroke patients, at a time when live conference tool was still at its infancy.

“Life works better without the intervention of human so­phistication – simple is better.”

Oliver Tian on the need to simplify complexity and use technology to automate the simple solution.

Oliver has collected numerous awards including, a High Flyer Nominee Award from Hewlett Packard Services in 1999, the Gopal Haridas Award from the Singapore Children Soci­ety (2003), and Distinguished Alumni Award from the National University of Singapore (2007). He also led his company to be appointed as the Founding Member status (IoT Asia – 2013). Oliver has also been an ex-officio of the Singapore Computer So­ciety as well as the National Representative to IFIP (International Federation for Information Process­ing under UNESCO).

Most important of all, Oliver is very passionate about education, in particular, the use of Learning Innovations to augment the teaching and learning process.

Oliver is also one of the Distinguished Fellows of Smart Cities Education Consultancy Team (SmaceCT)

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