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Mr. Tay Kok Chin, a veteran in Smart Cities during his days in IBM (Lead-Global Alliance Solutions and Corporate Citizenship), is the Chairman of the Smart Cities Network. He always introduces himself as KC, the way we used to call your buddies in the army days.

One of the things I admire about KC is his tenacity and focus in his reach to people, especially to those who have an affinity towards Smart Cities. I have known KC on-and-off for about two years since I chanced upon the Smart Cities Network website two years ago. On the same day I chatted with KC on the mobile, I joined the SCN as a member; and thereafter was asked to help to push for Smart Education within the network, which eventually led to the birth of the Smart Cities Education initiative.

“Kok Chin is the ASEAN Director for Smart Cities Council, one is the largest ecosystem stakeholders for Smart Cities in the world.

He is also an Adjunct lecturer with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for Smart Buildings and Smart Facilities Management.

With NUS SCALE, he is an Adjunct for Smart Cities and the lead Industry partner for the NUS MSc Capstone project for Industry 4.0”.

He has a huge and niche network that spans ASEAN and beyond, of experts, mayors, smart city officials and professionals in the field of IoT, Cyber-Security, Digital Twins, Location-based Tourism, etc.

Kok Chin is also a Director of EcoDomus (a company in Lifecycle Building Information Model [BIM] Integration). Concurrently he serves as the Vice President of the HP Alumni. His list of distinguished experience is beyond the description here and preferable for you to see his Linkedin page here.

Of course, Mr. Tay is one of the Distinguished Fellows for the Smart Cities Education Consultancy Team (SmaceCT).

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