COVID-19 slows SDGs

Apart from an article I wrote on Home-Based Learning; I have yet to address the combined repercussions that COVID-19 and the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

For the effect on SDG 4 on quality and equitable education and lifelong learning, schools closure in many countries was listed as a rate-determining step (rds- a term commonly used in Chemistry to denote the step within the chemical reaction that determines the overall rate of the reaction [as it is the slowest]).

Goal 4: Quality Education
According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), roughly 1.25 billion learners, or 72.9 per cent of total enrolled learners, worldwide have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak as of 20 March. “In this crisis, which is first and foremost a public health crisis, our thoughts are of course with the sick and all those who are suffering today and struggling against the coronavirus,” says UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, adding that “We must, however, remain mobilized, because this crisis also tells us several things that are very dear to UNESCO’s mission.” UNESCO is supporting Governments for distance learning, scientific cooperation, and information support.

In places where e-Learning is still remote, where infrastructure amenities are lacking for Internet connectivity or the lack of Computing devices, especially in the poor states, county, rural regions embraced in rainforests, education is prematurely dislodged.

However, people are innovative in seeking knowledge; we are always learning (lifelong learning), in an informal way, on top of the formal way through the school.

Do share how and what you learn during the COVID-19 Stay-Home period.

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