Site: Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC)


The Centre seeks to bring together pre‐eminent experts, professionals and researchers to investigate urban issues and solutions which are of national concern, and apply the findings to regional and global contexts.

Professor Chan Heng Chee


That sums up the centre’s mission to enlist various domains of knowledge to provide solutions to urban issues, and extricate the confines of yesterday-knowledge to build innovative cities regionally, and globally. It was started in September 2012 at SUTD.

LKYCIC’s mission is to stimulate thinking and research on the critical issues of cities and urbanisation, and to provide breakthrough urban solutions through the following research areas:

1. Demographics
2. Density
3. Sustainability
4. Resilience and Risk
5. Mobility and Connectivity
6. Social Capital

This is a great setup to marry practitioners with the researchers (academics) to create and apply innovations that will bring sustainability to cities, which are sprouting in numbers as rainforest lands are being cleared for their existence – what an irony.

The book, “Sixteen Shades of Smart: How Cities Can Shape Their Own Future”, edited by Arturo Bris, Christos Cabolis, Chan Heng Chee & Bruno Lanvin (IMD) -was published jointly by LKYCIC and IMD Business School in 2019, and won the Axiom Business Book Awards 2020 (Bronze Award).

The centre also collaborated with CIO Academy Asia (CIOAA) to bring the 2nd annual survey for the SOUTHEAST ASIA TECHNOLOGY TRENDS AND PRIORITIES FOR 2020 – Transforming and Upskilling to Build a Resilient Organisation in Disruptive Times. You can download the report at the above link. Based on the survey and 10 C-level technology industry leaders, cyber resilience, adaptability, upskilling, innovation and customer-centricity remain critical in the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis that we all face.

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